Police Reform in India will happen when Five Judges Bench of SC Will hear Lalita Kumari Case

In case of Lalita Kumari V/s. Government of U.P., a three judge Bench of Supreme Court noticed that different views are taken by different Benches of Supreme Court in earlier decisions, hence on 27 February, 2012, it has referred the question to Five Judges Bench of Supreme Court.

This case will affect everyone of us. When a person goes to police station and gives complaint that certain crime has happened, is he (Police) bound to register an FIR u/s. 154 of Cr.P.C, or is there any discretion in Police officer, to not to register FIR till he makes some inquiry?

Let us hope that whatever is decided in this case, will set guidelines for POLICE REFORMS in India.

Haresh Raichura
01, May,2012

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  1. Yes i agree with u. Furthermore, police have no option actually, they can make inquiry after lodging it(whether true or false). If they desire 4 true story only then what is d meaning of police report or charge sheet etc ? CrPC has given d scope to inquiry after lodging FIR.